The sun sets behind me on the drive home from the lake.

It is a brilliant cup-of-the-sun, the top shrouded by clouds, the reddest of reds, chasing me home.

I feel it holds a million what ifs, and it might pour them over me if I will slow down for just a moment and let it cover me in sweetness.

I couldn’t get a picture-  but in an instant, it changes.

Sun, she is woman?

Suddenly the sunset is reversed and I  only see the upper half, and the sky is silver now.

I realize beauty changes, how our idea of beauty changes- it sneaks up behind us and changes us- always for the better.

Oh…they are all beautiful….sunrises, sunsets…all different, but the same.

Day comes in, day goes out;  the constants in this life.


So grateful to have the world continue her rhythms while I try and keep up with life’s pace.


for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web or a thousand others who photograph, and share, and trust the sunsets of our days.


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