Sip Us



Resting here. Missing Us. Yours, L.

I am as well. Thoughts of you. You are so very sexy…- B.

And wisely I am also very patient and understanding and enthralled with you and all that you are…if only I could sip just a little more often the sweetness of your touch and the words that retell our history and desires.-L

We have time darling, we do.- B.

We do, yes. Just a little more sharing of your project demands or your need for personal time and I can remain content with our arrangement and hungry for you…open up and stay within my range of connection, please?- L.


Oh, that was the two years of the California start-up…yes, those were the months when tender dreams deserted her and left her stranded and unfulfilled with the  sun’s rise. And then reliable fell over the edge of the horizon each night-  hardly confirming they existed at all-  until sleep brought his face clearly into her mind, and his limbs tangled with hers in his dreams.

#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web.

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