Altered mental states


Imagination is powerful, and so is anticipation, as you found with the camera click the last time we were together, yes?

Share your rough, your gentle, the rhythmic spanking and deep kisses.  Offer your firm hand to curl around the back of my neck, your palm to press flat to the muscle of my thigh, your long fingers to wander though the waves of my response.

I will allow your touch to lead her,  your fingertips to press and circle,  hers to repeat.  Your hands may travel any path as you attempt to inflame.  And  all of this, all of the conversation before and the waiting until now, will pull the rise out of my ribs, the tense into my hips and spill the curve of each breast into her warm mouth.

I will joyfully offer my body as a stage, my skin and pulse and limbs in this demonstration of touch.

I will be your gift to give,  your earnest attempt to share with her what you see when you are with her.

I will watch as your eyes lock with hers as you find each other over me, through me.

I will model your lover,  will open and give just as she does when you claim her as your woman.   I cannot hold back in my role, and won’t  as I partake in the epic intimacy you create. Using oil and repetition, take us both to the edge of our minds and bodies; satisfy our human need for the healing power of skin on skin.


Such a creative couple, those two.  Her intent?  Never interfere, only enhance.   

#for Reticent Mental Property.  Image courtesy of web.

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