Last Tango in Cullercoats

Such a beautiful truth, I could not resist. An exquisite experience, certainly grateful for knowing it more than once…

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

It is a common trope of sex writing to compare great sex to dancing, and what dance is more sensual or erotic than the Tango? What though when sex goes beyond the great, into the sublime, what then? A dance is a set of moves, rehearsed, practised, yes the performers may make it seem spontaneous but in fact even the tiniest gesture is pre planned and choregraphed.

I think this is the problem with not only a lot of sex writing but a lot of sex, people get stuck (not literally one hopes) in a certain set of moves, a set order to do things in. I see this sometimes working, first the oral, both ways, then a bit of fingering to ensure lubrication, then onto the main course. It is as if they attended this sex ed class. tick the right boxes and make sure you move smoothly from…

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