Feel me


Feel me, soak me in.


I am on the other side of your tomorrows where I’ve been all along.  Each life you live brings me back to you again.


I arrive on a new dawn’s mist and dangle the memory of  us in the dewdrops you scatter as you take your morning walk through your woods.


I am present in your poetic musings,  my image camouflaged in the leafy boughs overhead, only visible to your naked eye when the smell of earth rises from your heels and grapevine ropes tie your fantasies to altars in open fields of wildflowers.


The laughter of my smile escapes across the years.  It tweaks the tip of your nose with my playful breath, communicating with you through your nature- language.


I am the colours of touch and taste and taking.


I have been there in the melting of your winter into springtime’s muddied muse.


I have been there in the unfolding of the blossoms and the fragrant heaving of nature’s breast as she exhales spring, then summer, then fall.

I have been there in the prisms of the ice biting your face as you taste the fresh snow fall on your tongue.


When you finally turn to the rise of the sun-  having given up waiting until the evening’s end to take in the patient beauty of the settling in, the created comfortable cozy of the life you live- you recognize my scent.   Then you truly see me,  suspended there,  where I am,  have always been,  a gentle reflection of your pain and your pride and your duty.  I am your playful passion, one who survives in the mirrored water of your wanderings through lucid dreams;  my reflection somehow the same as your own.


 I am hearing your every want, have always been listening. 

#for Reticent Mental Property.


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