She Travels- RETs on Tumblr


Take yourself to tumblr today for a little ride on the visual side.

Words suffice, sustain, yes.

But sometimes, getting out of your head and into someone else’s is where you might need to let yourself go.

Physical adventure is fleeting. Static on the line frustrates. All your lovers are out of town.

Don’t have the luxury of packing an overnight bag? Can’t just sling it over your shoulder and put some distance on the road today?

Find your way. Hell, paveย the way. ย


Of course- as proven over and over- we see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear.

#for Reticent Mental Property.

18 thoughts on “She Travels- RETs on Tumblr

        • Uh….no words…just that lost look on my face…ahem…THANK YOU for sharing this. I like veins on the back of the hands…long fingers, rectangular palm vs square and yes well cared for, not hairy. HA! Never really took time to put that description together. I can get completely distracted when someone with good looking hands is conversing with me. It’s not the spanking. It’s the touch potential. Have you ever heard that women touch men the way they want to be touched? And vice versa? Hopefully that is conveyed early in the relationship so both get the touch they seek…now, about feet, barefoot, jeans, no shirt…ohhhhhh. not today. Can’t go there, too, today…


          • LOL, that is one of my most-visited posts. We have lots of company. I’m not sure men think as much as women do about the way they want to be touched. They tend to be most concerned with being touched in certain areas. Or even just one area ๐Ÿ™‚
            Agree about the barefoot jeans look. A nice pair of feet is very attractive too.
            For a knockout sexy picture, go to Morrighan’s Muse and scroll down past the young William Faulkner to the photo of a man’s hand resting on the thigh of a woman who is reading… in the car:
            I asked her where she found this, and she said Tumblr but nothing more specific. I could write a whole story about that photo.


  1. Why Ms.Moss you are a veritable treasure trove of hand shots. I do love that hand. However, I prefer a little more bone or crook maybe one might call lit (?) in the first knuckle of the thumb. LOL. I’ll return the favour of a share later. Promise. -Ret


    THis is a link may or may not work…it links to an article (didn’t read) featuring this pair of hands with the “crook”…so distinctive. A search on the web for “man’s hands” brought these up easily. I first saw these in a craigslist posting about a year ago. (Man hand faker! Damn him). They are quite memorable. More to come..


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