Always saying too little


I have to go.

I’ve got a meeting in 30.

Next week I’ll be in San Fran and then out to India.

There’s going to be some down time and I’m traveling with Lee and some of the boys so we’ll take time in New Delhi to really explore.

Last year it was France, you remember the pictures?  I’m heading there again in the spring.

Yes, when we met I had just come home from Barcelona.  It’s beautiful there, the landscape’s serene.

Yes, there’s a few weeks of out of state travel. I’ve got a digital portfolio session in Chicago, training in Columbus and then out to the annual event held in Nola.

Packing?  Hardly takes any time at all,  I’m a pro.   Love to be busy, baby,  always on the go.

Oh,  have a big client in town, just customary catch-up,  typical schmoozing and drinks downtown at 4.


She watched him assemble his person, head to toe crisp and starched; his smile no accessory, all his.   He lit up the room like a gentleman does, sat down on the bed stopping her show.  He traced his fingers from her shoulder to wrist and leaned over to inhale his scent on her hair… she silently fingered the french cuffs and his father’s monogrammed links,  then reached up and smoothed back his hair.  His bearded jaw was set, held the hurry of leaving.  The hurt look on her face said a little too much. 

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