Quote Day Night


“In silent slumber echo my form. Pull my bottom and back into the bend of your body.  Drape your arm, protectively over my hip,  cup the heavy of my breast in your hand.  Grace me with your secrets, those sleep-talk whispered confessions lifted into the nape of my neck.  Invade my space,  colour my dreams until our waking hour.

Timeless together we rest our weary and let ourselves exist without a schedule.  My beloved partner in the joining is now marked with my scent on the rough of his beard.  The shaking, resounding reward is my own.  Claim my joy as we recover,  envelop my person, clothe my naked heart with tenderness.” – Ret

#for Reticent Mental Property.  Images from staffordlakay.blogspot.com

And if you enjoy this type of photo…visit here for 2013 photography of time-lapsed lovers,  sleeping.

Running Over Copyrights

Good reminders. And good sources for usable photos included.

Live to Write - Write to Live

Stop SignIn my haste to post Planning A Blog, I rushed to find free images to illustrate it and inadvertently used a photograph without permission or credit. I didn’t see the photographer’s name in the link, which is just about the same as running a red light.

A few days after the post was up, the photographer contacted me and sent me a bill for “release from liability of copyright infringement for unauthorised and uncredited” use of his image. I apologized and appealed, to no response. So I’ve paid the fee, and I’m writing this post both to make amends and to warn others not to make the same mistake, even unwittingly.

There are images available to use for little or no cost, and there are images that are owned by their creators. These artists deserve to be credited for their work and have the right to charge for it…

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