“Sometimes you say the words that you feel and, then,  just as quickly, time’s wry humor captures your growth.

And almost before the sound of your voice reaches the incoming argument from today’s partner in conversation,  you find your words no longer honest and true,  for you’ve surpassed time travel in a rare moment of understanding your own mind and position.

And in that moment of learning, of understanding your own self, you know, without reservation, why semantics and poetry and philosophy survive. ”

– Overheard, while dipping scones in scalding hot coffee and sitting with a gentleman friend who is kind and adoring, but fumbling as much as the next,  precariously walking life’s line of learning,  knowing how to dress up all his messes in faith, and karma, and fate.


 She intended to teach. She intended to learn. She intended to feel her way through all of it.  


#for Reticent Mental Property.

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