Don’t Count On It


She thinks she’s his.

He keeps a woman in every city.

He thinks he’s hers.

She has a man on both coasts.

There’s so little honesty to begin with-

The simplest story should be the one we don’t trust.



Keep your lies straight and your straight face for the mirror.


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web with mention of the accompanying article:

11 thoughts on “Don’t Count On It

      • It’s a lot of extra juggling. What have you said to one and not the other~who takes care of you when you get older and are sick. Who holds your hand. No judgement passed…I seek the lowest amount of stress possible — that drives my thoughts.


        • Has he made all his life choices to support a plan to have someone hold his hand when he is old and sick? What if a life choice is made when one is so young, the time to the sick and the dying years is unbearably long. Why does anyone tell him to be a dreamer if when he dreams he only destroys his waking moments? Do es one avoid feeling stress if it means one has no feeling at all…?


          • What is considered young anymore? 20’s — yes, but no money. 30’s — a good possibility for your scenario, 40’s — no commitment by now, the quality Women won’t play/stay anymore, 50’s — midlife changes, you start to see the body decay and you think of comfort, 60’s — you friends are starting to die, 70’s — your mobility lessens and you review your life, 80’s — your friends are dying, 90’s — you wonder why you are still here.

            Sorry — a bit morbid this evening. XO


  1. dievca- valid assessment….let’s take the window of assessment beyond mortality, beyond the body, to a place where we want not just our bones to find comfort, but our minds. What a death sentence to finish years 60-100 with someone who doesn’t stir the soul, someone who wipes the drips of a dinner from our chin and tucks a pillow to the sacrum for comfort while we eat, but doesn’t feed one’s thoughts or curiosity or appreciation for various topics for those same 40 years.


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