Quote Day Peace


“We rarely recognize the magic all around us until it stops transforming our life into learning and loving moments. This oversight is human, forgivable, and yes, can be altered. ” – Ret



#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web.  Youtube of Amy Winehouse– a bit of magic I didn’t recognize until it was too late.

12 thoughts on “Quote Day Peace

  1. Daily choices. Staying in the moment. It is a battle within not to get caught up in the drama that surrounds us all. A battle I lose at times but more often than not, lately, I manage to stay focused. Could be the tattoo on the palm of my hand (metaphorical) that says “Just let it go.”

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  2. This inspired me to watch the Smithsonian show about her beginnings last night.. Amazingly beautiful voice. Her story reminds me in so many ways of Janis Joplin. Such tortured souls. It is a shame on both accounts.


    • Happy you found inspiration here. So young. So talented. Such lives these artists are living– but then, maybe we all lead “those” lives…we just don’t articulate as loudly, or in the same way as these beautiful voices who make it to the stage.


      • I agree with you. We do live “those” lives, we experience moments of exquisite joy, endure times of seemingly never ending pain. There spirit lives on through their music. I wonder how our’s will live on? A question I have been pondering about much of late. Winter seems to be a time so turning inward and reflection.


        • do my trials need to live on? i mean, for anyone else? I guess maybe if I they become inspirational or reminders of kindness, examples to the young…no one needs my life lessons – they have their own! 🙂
          Winter reflection: hmmmm….I’m always thinking, have never limited it to winter! But without all the leaves on the trees and the laughter on bustling playgrounds, my questions echo more loudly and I think my inner voice and learning feels like it is running around indoors shouting madly! Tsk.Tsk.


  3. Sometimes I find it difficult to watch Amy’s performances,
    concealed pain in her eyes?
    I will always admire her voice, (back to black)
    As for your lovely quote it reminds me that in life you need to stop occasionally to enjoy simplicity, and to take a breather.


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