9 thoughts on “Quote Day Read

  1. Speaking to the above conversation between you and Dievca….the conversation reminded me of many couples that I came in contact with during my last profession, working with the elderly. There view of what makes a good relationship is very different from what has become our cultural normal assumptions and expectations are currently. Many of those wonderful people came together to complete a team and fell deeply in love by growing shared value and goals together. As a side note, I dearly loved working with and for the elderly. Their lives and thoughts were and are living works of art for me.

    Thanks for mic, Ret….now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


  2. You have a point on the falling in love…today’s media seems to tell young people that they will recognize love and therefore the next step is commitment…when past generations made the commitment knowing the love has to grow– and were patient with that… They certainly didn’t have the Bachelor, etc and all this crazy posturing and guess work and faked emotional bond somehow created under the microscope of the television camera and the pressure of identifying love vs lust….and Please know you are always welcome to take the stage here, Mist. ((Hugs))- Ret


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