Not lonely people

We all want to feel be cherished.

There are a lot of lonely people in the world. They aren’t the ones you see drinking out of a paperbag on the corner. They aren’t the ones you see sitting alone with a laptop in a coffee shop.

The lonely are sometimes the ones who have it all together, with lots of hustle and bustle hurrying them to the next event.  Some sport a stoic smile in the face of setbacks,  shoulders back and lead with the thrust of the chin; crisp clean shirt buttoned up straight;  no missed button holes.

Lonely people have smiles for everyone. They hold doors on elevators just like you and I; they do laundry and paperwork on quiet Tuesday nights;  lonely people function well in the world they walk.

Lonely people don’t seem to be leaning in to all the conversations and don’t reveal an obvious need for connection. They aren’t the first, or the last, to offer a ride to the airport when you head out to the next business conference or the holiday getaway in the heart of wine country.

Lonely people, when you sit down with them for a chat or a cup of tea late in the day, don’t let on how intensely bored they are with time spent in conversation with you.  Truth telling, they aren’t bored with you at all, they’ve just heard it all before. And they know you’ll spend time with Susie or Jack or Jill telling them the same updates they are hearing from you, and they have learned to accept the worst: all commentary of the moment becomes dinner conversation at the next neighborhood potluck.

Lonely people are the ones who meet your eyes across the double yellow line of a two way road on your drive home from work as they ask themselves if this is all there is? And if so,  then why am I still driving down this road day after day looking into someone’s eyes, hoping for a split second to recognize some purpose in the mundane duties of getting to and from?

Lonely people have someone to sleep with in the king size bed in the master suite designed with care three years ago. They have tow headed little duplicates named Jr. and Sis. They made plans, stick to them and know they are better for having this experience called life.  

Lonely people have travel itineraries walking around in their heads,  places they want to be with someone who doesn’t have conversations with words but instead speaks in the colors and music of wonderment.  And with a keenly developed knowing- an intimacy of shared but fleeting sunrises,  of kisses and kisses and a hundred more kisses.  And also tears-  tears of intensity let go in the joyful and loving reunion similar to when lovers come back home to find each other again.


Yes, she nodded in knowing them… the ones who taste like knowledge and dancing and humble awareness of the sheer cliffs of talent on this planet.  Yet all of this beauty, and salt of the earth, leaves her aching in the wanderlust of body and mind, forever in pursuit of communication and acceptance and understanding of her place.  

#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web.



7 thoughts on “Not lonely people

  1. I have been here, I am here, I will be there-again. The curse of being successful, efficient, kindly, dependable, etc., etc., etc. I now live for the chances offered to break out and be who I want to be, not who someone else needs. A duality, but it brings a certain quality to LIFE. XO


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