True friends thankfully know us,

the best and the worst,

the priorities we heed.

They know how much dirt is on the kitchen floor and what has been swept under the front of the stove for another day’s heated debate.

They know the family and how it dysfunctions,

how we fit into it,

and how we don’t.

They’ve witnessed the joy of play, the exalted moments of tradition:

the weddings,

the births,

all the moments of transition to the next life we believe we are destined to live.

Good friends,

they know our history and what shapes us:

our relationships,

the bumps,

the lumps,

the dark roads.

True friends know the root of the offhand comment,

shared over a beverage in a casual way.

They also know how situations cut us

and why we won’t let ourselves

blurt out all the ugly each day.



T was not my first choice for a friend. But we grew.  And our connection has never found a need for an end.


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image from the Web.

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