Come Home Early Hon




Good to hear from you during your busy day, hon.


You are such a turn on. Your lovely gift arrived by mail this afternoon.


Yes, I’m wearing them. Thank you. You know me so well; stockings are my weakness!

(joyful smile. listens more)

So, tell me how today’s deals went?  I know you had a full schedule. Yes, I know you were on a conference call all morning with the Chicago client.

(leans in, rests her chin on the back of her hand, wrist bent, elbow on the table, listening, suddenly sits up very straight)

You closed it? He signed, then? Yes! Smart move on his part, yes.  They are going to be so happy.  Fantastic deal for them. I had no doubts you’d lock it in.

(listens. raises one eyebrow)

Mmmhmmm. Yes, you’ve met end-of- quarter projections, again.   Excellent. Proud of you.

(inserts stern but playful tone into her voice)

Now, tell me you can’t get the same results while I’m sucking you off and letting you get an eyeful of my pretty ass.


Work didn’t need to come first. But it did.  


#for Reticent Mental Property

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