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Have None


There are no regrets, so they say.

After all, the frail yet smiling elderly admit to none.

Have you heard confessions to the contrary?


Then, I will be the mouthy woman -the one you hear shouting them out-

my wrinkled fist waving this crumpled but still burning list of longings!

This body-  she’ll be bony and frail-

But honest.

My limbs will be numb- and still hurting from exhausted love making-

And fearful of facing life’s failings,

if never ballsy enough to stake out and escape

from living

these proscribed and limiting lies.


Oh, yes, there are regrets. No one will admit it.  But, Goddamn it, they exist.


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web.

11 comments on “Have None

  1. distantshipsmoke
    December 29, 2014

    Some say admitting regrets does no good, only make the longings ache.


  2. Reticent Mental Property
    December 29, 2014

    Perhaps it depends on where one is in life, and in longings…


  3. Marty
    December 29, 2014

    I always feel that if you have no regrets you didn’t really love hard enough


  4. The Muscleheaded Blog
    December 30, 2014

    Regrets ? Don’t regrets rely on a principle of having the ability to change the past?


    • Reticent Mental Property
      December 30, 2014

      Hmmm.It is not so much the ability to change the past but more in an awareness, a validation of change needed in the past. Perhaps your definition is based in the willingness to accepting fate where mine is rooted more in recognizing consequence of action (or inaction)?


  5. dievca
    December 30, 2014

    I listened to my parents just talk in a time of crisis. They lived and loved – are still doing so, with no regrets. Something to emulate.


    • Reticent Mental Property
      December 30, 2014

      We do need to seek enduring relationships to turn to for inspiration. Parents or not, we can learn from those who’ve been there, done that!


      • dievca
        December 30, 2014

        It was a conversation about sex and no regrets…I am the youngest by many years and the only girl. I was a bit dumbfounded and in awe. Sage advice with much feeling in a life changing situation.


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