Archived Posts & Link to 2015 Top 100 Sex Bloggers- RetMP#58

Thank you Ms. Molly. Muah!


Well, the heat is on.

Peruse the list, click, think, focus again, comment.

Ms. Fever’s attentions are appreciated along with an open invitation to meet- heels on, cups up- for intimate discussions on, perhaps some demonstrations of ? desired kissing techniques. We certainly share an affinity for connection beginning with the mouth.

Chemistry cannot be created. We agree, yes?  And the kiss, the inhale before, the taste during, the press of the lean-in, is one vital step in the dance of desire.   I will confess to not respecting the truth of the mouth; had I listened and obeyed the chem test of a first kiss years ago, I might not have walked down the aisle and into three decades of making excuses.  We learn, will always  be learning.


Writing is said to reflect an artist’s life.  Some stories shared here on Reticent Mental Property are said to offer an alter ego but they are truly simple interpretive snippets of insight captured in a vignette and often inspired by scent or touch.  Regardless, all words must leave me to find their way to the page, then to you, where they weave into your head to swirl around there,  to stir the stillness and give rise to your own adventures.  Carry On Then!  -Your Ret  

#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of Molly’s Daily Kiss.




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