Chest Centered


What are those tiny turns of memories of time together that create a physical response in the current minute?

No matter where we are, they find us and take us by surprise at the sweetness of the gentle swoon we let ourselves have in response.

It’s the falling feeling I cannot deny, despite sitting in my office or driving down the road.

It holds me for a split second and takes away the controlled state of emotion I am required to attend when operating in my role in this functioning but passionless society.

Do you know the ones?

The images the mind pulls forth of a lover’s eyes as he sees you rise above him, when you can recall his sounds escaping over your shoulder whispering in your ear, those guttural, wordless, accepting sounds of a body enveloping his heat, and then the repeat- the over and the over.

It’s the depth of that mind-numbing ache in the center of the chest, fluttering in circles, a twirling dance of shared moments pulled from a look or a few words from any time before right now.

And as these connections linger in our lungs and make us stop to swallow,  we lean heavy into the back of the nearest chair.  We let ourselves drift helplessly while those memories feed the will to capture the same physical response if not the next day, then certainly the next hour.


Core responses should not be ignored nor taken for granted. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image from the archives of RMP.

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