Two women stand an arms length apart breathing in harmony in the darkness.

The oiled floor is silent under their feet. The windows reflect postures, shifting positions, stretches of subtle and fluid awakening.

The outside world holds the secrets of the prairie in silence until the sun rises,

and reveals.

It is very early. The dumbstruck voice of darkness before the dawn is like no other.

Enveloping the two women in the rocking womb of the day, the silence is welcomed.  Measured movement and paired breath introduces the good of the earth to the face of day through firmly rooted toes and soles.

With arms and elbows locked to the highest point of reach, the two then bend like grasses in the summer wind and sway back and forth. Intentions are set and energy flows between them, half-lift, fall forward, rise up, greet the light.

Red tulips on slender stems, loving women reach from heart and head to capture serenity and create a sea of calm in the crevasse of unsatisfied desire to secure a peace-filled place in the world of decisions.

Time brings each down the path into this. And it cannot be stopped. But it can, and is, embraced.


The sun, she loves. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web.

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