Takes the Floor



You only go around once, folks.


You learn to dance.



Falling. Falling Hard. -Ret 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image from Scent of a Woman, with due credit to Leonard Cohen…mmhmm…check out the following song A Thousand Kisses Deep.


He wanted to know her.

She wanted to know him.

So young in the learning, so much simple and honest to be given.

A lifetime of masks and pretense

dropped to the floor,

as her little black dress,

slipped through his shaking hands.

There are reasons for the reflection years of 40/50.

It’s the truth telling that sets the mind free.

And then each sees what was always before him,

the irrational realm of living to explore.

Another lifetime is revealed.

So aware of the past mistakes;

so exquisite the arrival of her acceptance,

And both wrapped in the arms of tender reflection and forgiveness.


Happy Valentines day, dear thinking ones. Celebrate her all year long.


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web.


Feels Right


I am thinking about you, like I do, lately, all the time…

And I just can’t get that picture of you out of my head, the one where you are rubbing my hip bones and kneeling on the end of the bed and you are looking down on me, lids half closed, and there’s this haze across your face that is pure, focused want; and I put it there.

And I like that look– like giving you whatever you need, letting you get there with me, through me.

And I love how you hold back, hold off, hold yourself so we don’t rush– how the time passes but only on the clock that measures measurable things– the rest of the time, it is all ours, stopped mid-touch, stopped mid-breath, stopped to just absorb the heady feel of perfection in the tiny seconds we are in harmony…

Makin’ music with me…

That’s what this is.

I hear it.

I’m dancing- the salsa, the tango.  And every step I take with you in my arms feels right.

Honestly, honey, I don’t want to “use you up.”  I don’t want this love-on-me to fade.


It feels so right, yet we resist the urge to embrace it fully.  What is wrong with touch, with human connection?


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of Rets tumblr.

Double Duty

(seeking permission to insert KissesAndChaos image created by Photographer Jenny Terasaki- Japan)

I don’t think there are any more words

to tell you more clearly, my desires….


I usually surprise myself by finding ways to do amazing things.

Sending smooches, kisses, deep kisses, deep tongue kisses and those that kind of melt my head and heart into tomorrows that I want to arrive today so I can double up on my time with you and repeat each minute as it flies by.



Traditional timepieces cannot capture the slow savoring of a lover’s attentions. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web. ALso visit Jenny Terasaki Photography on line.