Double Duty

(seeking permission to insert KissesAndChaos image created by Photographer Jenny Terasaki- Japan)

I don’t think there are any more words

to tell you more clearly, my desires….


I usually surprise myself by finding ways to do amazing things.

Sending smooches, kisses, deep kisses, deep tongue kisses and those that kind of melt my head and heart into tomorrows that I want to arrive today so I can double up on my time with you and repeat each minute as it flies by.



Traditional timepieces cannot capture the slow savoring of a lover’s attentions. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web. ALso visit Jenny Terasaki Photography on line.

12 thoughts on “Double Duty

  1. I have to also say that your illustration brings to mind not only the fantastic clocks but also the work of John Kacere, the Araks opening scene in Lost in Translation was inspired by his work. Just wondering if this could be one of his?


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