Quote Day: Sundays

The French have long had conflicted feelings about Sundays. In the early 1950s, the singer Juliette Greco – one of the muses for French existentialists – made her reputation with “I Hate Sundays.” While she derides Sunday as dead time, made for funerals and the hollow rites of the bourgeoisie, Greco also praises Sunday as the day for making love, not things.

That’s very secular. Forget God. Sex is good, and pleasurable, as she knew. Her 1957 affair with Miles Davis, when he was in Paris, being cool, is legendary, and that had not a thing to do with religion. They probably had some fine Sundays, but that’s a French thing:


Sundays are for love-making. Plan accordingly. 


# for Reticent Mental Property, with credit to an inspirational blog Just Above Sunset at https://justabovesunset.wordpress.com/2015/01/25/europe-being-europe/

8 thoughts on “Quote Day: Sundays

  1. I’m not sure we Frogs have conflicted feelings about sundays. Plenty of things to do… 🙂
    There is though a paradoxical “treatment” by the current socialist governmnt about “Working on subdays” OMG! Virgin store on the Chanps -Elysées has closed because of restrictive legislation. (And high costs) now what they just did was to legislate on the number of workable sundays a year. There actually was bargaining on the precise number between the various party fractions. I mean really!
    Thank you for Juliette’s interpretation of this lovely song.
    Take care


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