Sky Man



A little lingering of fingertips- they travel ahead of my hips- doing a dance of seduction across his strong shoulder.

A little slip of my hand and then my wrist, before it ducks under your elbow… and then the drape of my arm finds its place over your side.

A little scootch, a little settle, a little hip slip gets me closer.

A little wiggle, my foot, follows your calf, then the ankle, finds a way to insert itself in-between yours.

My breath on your neck, quickly followed by kisses, my lust tells a tale to your slumbering ear.

Wakey, wakey, my darling; stretch and roll into my morning. Let me take you to sunrise and back.

-But I don’t want to get up.

-Don’t want to get out of our bed.

-Don’t want to start the day, ever, without holding ,deeply, the length of you – just a little bit longer- to acknowledge the beautiful strength of this fit.


She rolled to the left, threw back the covers, stood shaking the sleep from her hair. Β And then stretching her palms, she counted her blessings, reached skyward, then hugged herself gently in the dawn of the day.Β 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web.

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