Money Keeps Talking Louder

A very political post.

Get the big picture. And I don’t mean from your entertainment news channels or your angry talk radio. Pick up some reading resources you may not have thought you could make time to view….
Wisconsin knows this story, some choose to ignore the details or approve, openly, of the Koch plan and supporting organizations like Cato, and the insertion of big money interests into elections. Our Supreme Court apparently agrees. Few of the incomes in WI or across the US match the level of $ to “play with” as the Koch family. And no matter how optimistic you are, YOUR income will never match it – will NEVER even come CLOSE. Yet across WI, and soon across the nation, voters will support the survival mentality– and that mentality is, “If I’m not going to have a lot, no one else should either.” This makes me rather bitter…an entire country aspiring to the lowest common denominator and cheering for it. Think bigger than yourself, please. Think bigger than Wisconsin, please. And get ready for negative advertising, mudslinging and the manipulation of all your greatest fears.- Ret

Just Above Sunset

On Valentine’s Day, 2011, no one was thinking that Scott Walker had much of a chance to be our next president. That’s when the protests started – Walker, just elected for his first term as governor of Wisconsin, had surprised everyone. He wasn’t the bland moderate conservative they thought he was, and the surprise was his new Budget Repair Bill. That bill required a big jump in contributions by state and local government workers to their healthcare plans and their pensions – they’d take an eight percent hit in their take home pay – and they’d lose their collective bargaining rights too, except when they sought pay increases, but if they wanted one penny above the rate of inflation that would have to be approved by a voter referendum. Working conditions, work hours, any benefits – that bill made it illegal for them to bring up any of that. Cops…

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