Henry James- 4/29/1875- Quote Day


She feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS. – Henry James

April 29, 1875: Henry James’ Transatlantic Sketches was published 140 years ago today. Nothing if not prolific, the writer also published a novel and a collection of short stories in the same year. (Goodreads.com)




Today marks the beginning of the Year of ’46. She expresses herself with such tender raw strength. Fingertips flying, beating words into wings, this stretching, unfurling, unfolding, leaning in to take flight.  She’s still falling forward, shedding the night. She’s curious, she’s cautious, all daring, undaunted. She feels. She THINKS. And she Feeds her Own Mind. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image of Young Henry Jame courtesy of the web.

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