Get Me


I get it.

I get this grin that won’t quit.

I get this little shrug in my shoulders that says, breathe deeply

of this

and hold it tightly

and smell it in his beard

and rest upon the solid shoulder he offers.

Kiss deeply his mouth

and the palms of his creative



Soak in the fragile fierce beauty of all of the unknown, trust in the fit of his hips and the inexplicable connection. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web.

10 thoughts on “Get Me

    • Welcome to RetMP Ms. Mazziotti…the vignettes are pulled from mere moments of beauty and sideways glances into the past and wide-eyed stares into the future- all making for an easy keyboard take-over. I’m pleased they touch you. Visit again, will you? – Ret


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