not to be kept

Ahh, Rumi.


Forget safety.
Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious. ~Rumi

Hand me the matches. The world is soaked in gasoline. It would take only a word to set everything ablaze, to burn down the old and bring in the new. Some things can only grow out of the ashes of what no longer serves. Sometimes, you have to destroy the structure to build a new foundation. There are things worth risking your life for, things worth risking your reputation for. Damn appearances, damn those small minds and tightly wound hearts, too narrow to show compassion or real love. Love is worth the sacrifice of what was, for the sake of what is. Make no mistake: it is not always a pretty sight. It may leave a mess in its wake. It may be chaos and disorder, the world may tilt to the side, things may shatter…

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His Muse


When you are satisfied,

broad strokes applied,

brushes cleaned, palette scraped bare,

her likeness captured on canvas,

a lingering, sensual memory.

When silken robe has been returned

to fair skin, tied closed by your hand-

phone me then.

Let me hear your voice,


your soothing, sultry tones echoing from an empty upper room,

oh, please let it echo,

in my hand,

across all these miles,



Time holds lovers captive more tightly than the rest of the universe; while the artist’s hours are lost in translation. 


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