Come Together

rmp beer pongScenes in my life cemented in memory with music include my first beer party with Come Together- Aerosmith playing behind the pop of the tab.

I was twelve. My older cousin disappeared and my head was immediately tuned in to the dark of the room, the purple corduroy pants of the guy who sat next to me and kept his hands to himself but let me pass the night examining the stereo system and bumming his Newports.

Etched into the night are faces and bodies slowly crossing, maybe dancing but more likely just having conversations the back of the room where we gave a nod to the host’s latest neon green creation.  A few hours earlier, the orange outline had been hand painted around the full wall tribute to the leaves of cannabis.  Any lack of artistry went unnoticed despite being methodically examined every time it was hit with the flash of the strobe light and then washed down with each hungry swallow known as getting this party on.

Cousin Lori also gets credit for introductions to the first toilet stall in the local restaurant where I left my cousin and her friend rejecting the ingestion of too much PBR and who knows what as I locked the door and avoided explaining to the waitress why they were taking so long in there.

Cheers to Friday nights.


If you are going to learn life’s lessons, learn them with family.  

#for reticent mental property. videos from youtube.

6 thoughts on “Come Together

  1. Ahh, the ridiculous memories of childhood that haunt you throughout your Life. Embarrassment, Amazement, Stupidity, Charity, Joy, Fondness, Hilarity all flow through your body depending upon the time in your Life when you chose to review the memory movie. 😀


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