This is a repost from almost a year ago. Same sensual ease exists but the perspective sees the tarnished truth; the blurred lines where he was solid and strong.- Ret



The heavy sleepy scent in your hair finds me first.

Then your cheek, warm and still searching for return to your pillow presses to mine.

Slumber falls away though your mouth hasn’t yet crossed the rim of your favorite coffee mug.

The dew wets my toes. The announcement of a new day begs for our attention. The dogs are running in the yard, all silliness and play, muzzles throwing bones to the trees.

But I feel only the length of your arms circling my waist, your body asking to take mine.

You seek only the curve of my hip and the tender swelling of my interest.

You have silently arrived, unpretentious and kissing my neck, yours an unsung movement overlooked by poets and those who worship the rise of the sun.

Though I am surprised at your embrace I immediately feel at ease and lean back, settling into the lines of your form.

My lips yield to yours.  And again.

And yet Again.

We sway together, murmurs of good morning exchange between kisses.

My back presses to your chest and I know you have me- solid and strong.

Your presence fills me with longing-  for a hundred days of sunrises and the smallest measure of shared spaces.


The days were not made for wasting. They are to be filled with more than dreams. 

#for ReticentMentalProperty. Images courtesy of the web.

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