My friend tells me all the most important things in life are learned through painful experience, her suffering necessary before the enlightenment. Hours of crying, raw awareness of failures, deep sadness and brutal truths.


The contrast of missing someone makes us appreciate the return; absence makes the heart grow fonder…

Many believe someone comes across hard times, pain, illness and loss because a higher power has something to teach them.

I reject it all.


We learn in hard times because we strive to pull something good out of the mess. The good is always there, the mess, fleeting.

We learn from hope- that belief in something good, something so far beyond pain and sorrow.

The human spirit tells us today will be a better day. When we listen to those internal, often silenced voices…when we give our heart’s response the credit,  cut off the attribution to pain we feel the sunshine, hear all the music, balance atop our spinning world. Let’s stop glorifying pain with a capital P.

Yes, sometimes we have to sit in the middle of the mess and feel, and own, and accept the great sadness- and then be still – so we can hear the lesson.


It’s not the sadness that is required for the learning; it’s the listening.


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web.

12 thoughts on “Still

  1. Perhaps depression is the stillness…perhaps they are processing, albeit verrry slowly, the moments and the meanings. They may be the ones listening most closely, unlike many who surround themselves with chaos thinking the race is the only place they can find peace and inspiration…

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