Her Truth

hanss ontattoo

I’m in a time of great change, Dear Reader.

My priorities remain constant- my children, my mind, my authenticity.

My growth causes pain; my heart is larger than my frame; my choices force choices where none were thought needed.

I am learning so much…things I didn’t want to learn, things I didn’t want to teach.


She grabs her mat and goes to her practice. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web.


17 thoughts on “Her Truth

  1. You are a strong woman and will make wise, well-considered choices with plenty of love for all those around you. You are a different woman now and some things have to change in order for you to remain authentic and continue to grow.


  2. You will grow whether you want to or not — but in the end you will come out better somehow and someway. Just know that I am with you, whether you want me – or not, for that is commitment. And the best of the best? Are committed.


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