I am hurting

but I will heal.

I hear the bones of life are stronger

for the breaking, the mending.

The spine and mind

confirm the standstill of time

while we pull ourselves up

to clifftops washed in the colors of breathing.


regret the splattering of marrow?


attempt to heal all battles with sensual strumming?

Let us not waste our renewed


Step off of the safest roads,

risk injury for your story,

get into those pages of your most painful stirrings,

let tender care bandage the mistakes of the wisdom making,

and kick out the crutch of your comfort.

Lean into me

Recklessly, headlong, headstrong into the dawn of your choosing,

mouth open, head back, hair streaming, laughing out loud joyful crooning,

a song of your own,

authentic and worthy of earth’s turning.


It was the summer she learned to sip Scotch, shoot pool and cook for one. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web.




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