Sensual stillness



I will remember the contrast of stillness to a sharp awakening, the quivering eruptions on flesh gone suddenly cold, but so alive at your strike. You knew all of me. You found your strongest gentle side.

I remember the quest to put admirable lessons into the memories of our muses, contentment from pews full of knowers when our days were done. Pitiful goals, we abandoned them in salute to our fit. 

I will remember to never settle for less than a knee-weakening kiss. So telling. Listen. 

I will remember the the awareness of how little I knew once. I am forever indebted to my teachers. To yours.  Lessons good and not. 

I will remember his attempted tether through suggestion of my inaccuracies and perceptions, the misunderstanding of physical poetic desire, his understanding of sensual energy, borne raw in touch and birthed and cradled in the arms of conversation and wit.

Engage. Be heard. Learn, I implored. I was speaking to myself, before all others. 

Above all, I remember my willingness to walk, the power of my place in my time and of my choice.  

When do we admit our worth is at stake?


She embraced the humbled strength of experience, tolerance fired with the heat of perspective.


#for Reticent Mental Property. March 24, 2015. Images courtesy of the web.

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