Hmm. A reblog from Samantha Field

Yes, I’m leading with that because I might as well– it’s what the naysayers will swear up and down I’m arguing for in this post anyway, and I’ve already made my peace with it. Several men from inside my own progressive Christian camp have already tried to misrepresent my argument this way, and I know…

via all complementarian sex is rape — Samantha Field

Hmm…Great write from Samantha Field. When does persuasive cajoling, repeated requests and nuzzling until she agrees become signs of complementarian sex rather than romantic foreplay? Is perhaps the simple anger of one spouse when rebuffed or the ensuing guilt-trip when no sex occurs,  an indicator that complementarian sex is expected to occur, and justified in the traditional marriage construct?    “Complicated grey areas,” says Samantha Field.  

True- but simple truths rarely incite such thoughtful discussion. – Ret

REBLOG. March 30, 2016.


6 thoughts on “Hmm. A reblog from Samantha Field

  1. Excellent discussion from Samantha. I think that cajoling does indeed become cultural coercion when the partners have accepted a complementarian view of their relationship. Complementarianism is just another version of “separate but equal” and it is anything but equal. I thought that canard was debunked a long time ago by SCOTUS in Plessy vs. Ferguson. The only remaining question is: can a woman voluntarily choose this form of subjection? I suppose so, but when everyone else is doing it, there is a lot of pressure. It’s like the bogus argument that women “choose” to wear headscarves in cultures where not wearing one draws significant disapproval.

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