Out of Service


When we meet I warn you.

I have a penchant for kissing, a need to be stilled, an irresponsible distraction of duty begins in those moments of amusement.

Hours of immersion in touch, the capture of time through skin on skin as you dance with me, for me, above me, inside of me.

I care for no tethers and cannot adhere to my own limits, desires. How can I berate you for the same?

Weakened, pleasured, adored- I command no one.

I fail gloriously in resistance as I take in your tongue,  your boys,  your heat, your fingers, your heart.


She talks through kisses. She swears when she gets there.  She laughs, after, in the ease of the love they make.

#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web.


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