Finding the ways



Something inside her was wiser and wondering

Ever the hopeful child, She-god took over the ego and replaced security with scent and touch and a disregard for straight paths.

She listened.

The awakening began with music- she could hear it now.

But pain came with each note. A sharp on the lies of lyrics, once soothing, the lullabies came no more to her bed.

The awakening came with a burning, blinding light of truth.

But the dusk came behind the brilliance, a contrast as dull as the shine of barrenness. To find her path she felt for it with finger raking, nostrils flared, ever crawling forward.

Hidden doorways, the whispered passwords, locations of trapdoors were discovered and marked and remembered. Those who walked before her reached out.

Oh how the likeness knows its own face.






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