We are right where we are supposed to be in this universe.

Right now.

Sitting on top of this spinning life, we are where we have come to be. We make our choices. Others make theirs. We wake up. We rest. We end our day, leave our pain, our pleasures in the dusk and then, there is another! Rising, brilliantly silent and still, simply waiting for the spectacular welcome it is owed.

We rub our eyes and look about. We reach toward our lovers and roll into their arms; we put our noses in that little space below the jaw where we find the contrasting mold of our form waiting for this return.

In our heads we pack a little suitcase of nestled warmth, tousled hair and morning sighs to carry down the stairs.


Sleep in. Wake up with him and fold into his hips, where you belong in this precious moment. 

#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web.


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