Walk on


Give me a day in the future

when my heart is mended with that glue made of time.

Give me a morning in the tomorrows of this lifetime

when my sunshine still smells like him.

Take me to places I’ve wanted to go

with no shadows of where she has already been.

Bring me full-circle through this Phoenix,

Embrace me, Peace, until I give in.


She missed his stride, hand in hers. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web.









6 thoughts on “Walk on

  1. Let’s put our heels on, grab hands and go — As we look in the rear view mirror, things will appear smaller. Not as pesky. And that smell of rain in the wind, will wash away the remnants releasing us to go forward. We must remember to put up the convertible top until the sun shines, again.


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