Reblog: On DNC resignations and the Trump/Putin link.

The 2016 presidential election may test a theory. Do Americans like chaos – turning everything inside-out and upside-down, because what we have is somewhere between boring and stupid, and chaos is cleansing? That seems the premise of the Trump campaign. Donald Trump will break all the rules – and he does – and enough people […]

via Containing the Chaos — Just Above Sunset

Feed my Mind. I admire Alan’s depth of resources, comprehensive summaries and snarky commentary. Good writing plus research. Cheers- Ret



2 thoughts on “Reblog: On DNC resignations and the Trump/Putin link.

  1. As a Canadian .. American politics scares me ! Hah. Sometimes it feels so tabloidesque.. That you do have a good point in this post about Americans loving chaos. Who knows which way the vote will go.. I hope not trump ( because I believe a lot of the American public seems to think trumps going to use his own money to “make America great again” .. But I can’t see him doing that as he doesn’t owe anyone anything, including his voters. I could go on with my poli sci experience and rant for hours.. But I don’t wanna be one of those lol ( like my uncle who can’t stop once you bring up politics at the dinner table.. It’s funny for the first 5 mins.. But goes downhill from there) haha. Anyways wishing America positivity and much happiness.


  2. Thank you for writing Z! I do adore politics, and I believe they should be discussed at length at the dinner table, but should not cause indigestion. It’s all in keeping things civil and respectful. I cannot take credit for any of the points made, however as this is a relog of a friend’s blog– a very smart man, who does a great deal of research and has great skill at combining the information in an enjoyable and readable format.
    Cheers to Positivity…


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