Daily Prompt- Craving



Twisting around inside this self, turning heads and steering sights, I’m wandering in the words and ways of the everyday. There’s a longing and a restlessness that doesn’t require action. Simple awareness of the moment, a desire to be seen but not always heard. I take it in. I take you in. I take in what finds me.

A grandfather walks toward the coffee shop with his young charge while noting the beautiful woman wanting to cross the same threshold. The younger version of himself, both the one he is inside, that young boy who never leaves his ever-aging body and the tow headed grandson spending the morning with him meet at the doorway.

The young woman, hair up, heels on, summer dress flowing remains unseen until Grandfather’s wisdom and manners step forward into the day.  These two young men cross paths in the few seconds it takes to open the door wide allowing her to enter before them.  With effortless ease, a simple smile and a nod to the young woman, the simple act of pausing becomes a learning moment across generations.

It is the same morning. It is the same coffee shop. It is the same sun shining down onto the day. She is taking in the learning. She has her eye on the entry. She sits at the littlest table, next to the window, her bottomless mug refilled, swirling the cream into the darkness of the cocoa infused roast.  She craves the opportunity to seize perspective, to perhaps validate the notion there is something to be gained in the present moment. She is hopeful.

Another car pulls to the curb. The woman driving is white haired and tinier than she was years ago, her eyes are not as blue, her shoulders are not as wide. Her hands, still steady, hold the jumble of keys needed to access their current world including car keys, the silver one that opens the front door of the cabin, the post office box, the copy of one that opens the back door to their daughter’s house.

The sedan is parked curbside. The passenger door opens and a man with hair not as dark as it once was, with hands not as steady as they once were grips a cane that supports legs not as strong as he’d like them to be. The gentlemen steps onto the sidewalk, turns to her, watches her make her way to the cement beside her and without fanfare, turns to the cafe entrance and deftly, expertly, hustles hips that function just as they once did, just a step ahead of his still beautiful partner and gracefully opens the door for this treasured woman in his life.


She is open to the lesson of the moment.

#for Reticent Mental Property. Participation in Daily Prompt August 4, 2016.



8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt- Craving

  1. Great post! I once was that tow headed grandson and son and learned well to open doors whether a place of business or just an automobile for those of the opposite sex or an elder. Love your description of it as “learning moments across generations” . Sadly, many were not given that instruction.


    • I’m really enjoying my perch in this coffee shop. I cannot tell you how it inspires. It was hard to convey that passing of manners in a short piece. I had not experienced how this feels until recently…car doors, too. I am teaching my young son. I feel torn because I am not teaching my daughters to open doors for men, but i am teaching them to open doors for those who are older, for those who have full arms, etc. It really is such a simple and kind gesture it should not be evoking such pleasure or such analyses! It is hard for me to teach that it is okay to accept the opinion that women are the weaker sex and that is why the door is opened for us by men….see what I mean?

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      • Opening doors for women is a very interesting subject. I have pondered it a lot. I have concluded that men innately have a drive to pamper women not because they feel they are weaker but because they are the source of pleasure. Not just sexual pleasure but pleasure to our senses. Women smell wonderful, have soft skin that is very pleasurable to feel and we visually admire their body physical form. Women are wonderful companions and pardners. But mainly we instinctively want to impress them in hopes of being rewarded with sex. It has nothing to do with weakness. I am drawn to powerful women. Opening a door for a woman is a matter of respect that I truly feel not that I believe they are too week to open it. But they are precious beings. Much in the the same way that I feel I need to show respect to my elders and yes , even my fellow man. I guess it is perhaps just simple, inbred manners that we are taught to let out. Yes, I do believe it is a matter of respect and to impress. What do you think?


        • I hope it is out of respect AND to impress. I love being the object of attention. And I love to reciprocate- it’s very rewarding as a woman to acknowledge the action with a smile, to feel pleasure in accepting it, it’s a brief moment shared, where the reward in helping and being helped it equally given and received…there’s now owing after. It’s a pleasure, one moment of pleasure, with no strings and no sadness.

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  2. Ret, teach your daughters how to accept the opened door in a gracious manner, then the gentlemen who do the act will be rewarded. I realized that there is a rhythm and cadence to my good friend’s amazing manners and part of that is my ability to follow the cues, make his offerings even more beautiful.

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    • I have learned to both accept it graciously and set aside my feminist leanings to view myself as weaker for loving it. When it doesn’t happen for me, with the man I am with now, I miss it terribly. I don’t feel treasured.


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