Pondering: Happiness


What is this search for “happiness?” Why can’t we just let ourselves be open to receiving the best of the moment and be content with what it brings?: Why are we always pushing for more, for better, for clarity, for passion, for THE HAPPY? 

I have a beloved friend battling alcoholism. She has fallen so many times. She is open to learning, does the work in self examination, AA, outpatient treatment, yoga, competitive anything.

She’s got an addictive personality. She may be an empath. She is child like in her ability to laugh with her children. She is love and light (as those in recovery will often say.)

I have learned so much from her. She has been through so much therapy. She has moments of brilliance. She has moments of darkness.

Yesterday, as we sat getting our toes done – less than 24 hours before her entry into a new inpatient alcohol addiction program- we sat and pondered our choices, where we were before, where we are now. Why we thought we were there. Where we thought we were now. And whether there really is a difference in past and present…what is it about the human spirit that sets us on this quest? Why do we seek happiness so desperately. Why not just sit, fingers outstretched, palms turned to the sky and just let ourselves trust and be open to what will be?


Good luck my beautiful friend. You are going to make it. 

#for Reticent Mental Property. Daily Prompt participant August 11, 2016



6 thoughts on “Pondering: Happiness

  1. The best to your friend. I think it may be more a quest just to be comfortable with others and ourselves. With that comes happiness, I believe happiness in only itself is unachievable. We have to become comfortable with ourselves and in how we work and how we live first.


  2. I remember when I was a boy my family would drive to my grandparents as often as twice a month. We had to drive down long gravel roads and as I looked forward, I saw the illusion of water on the road. Of course, it was a mirage but I was young and did not understand this. I often wonder if happiness is a mirage that we are always chasing. Perhaps it is wiser to simply be content with the choices we make in our lives and to enjoy each moment, existentially, as we are able, especially in the company of those that know and accept us for who we are.

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    • You have touched on the key element I think… the ability to recognize when we are loved, the ability to believe the love is valid, we are worthy, and believe we truly are accepted in the company of others, and that we really are loved as we are…

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