Daily Prompt: Complicated

via Daily Prompt: Complicated


There’s the box and there’s the way mom makes them. It’s not complicated.

There’s pour into a bowl and carry over to the faucet for some water and there’s measure, and add, and whip and fold. Okay, there’s a way to do things; it’s a little complicated.

There’s the add egg, add oil choice and there’s farm fresh, pulled- with a nervous giggle and the smell of muddy straw and musty and crusted roosts- from under the laying hens at Collette and Andy’s. The warmth and kindness of neighbors is not complicated.

There’s a bowl and a spoon and then there’s three bowls, the beaters and the coconut oil. Yes there’s some mess in the making, but it’s the care-taking, solid, simple, never wavering constant of tackling the complicated. It’s the request from the little boy who misses his mom after a week in the Northwoods with his Grandparents,”I just want your waffles, Mom.”


There’s living in the box. And there’s the stepping out of it. It’s crazy complicated. But. It’s delicious.

#Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web. Daily Prompt participant August 14, 2016






2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Complicated

  1. Yep, Mom’s home cooking and the way she cooks it is the best welcome home a guy can have. I just wanted her meatloaf. It was as much her home as it was her cooking I needed. And her “of course I will fix that for you”.

    This piece is about love for her son and his love for her. Very heart warming.

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