Daily Prompt: Facade

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We sit beside each other at the game. The parents know we cheer for number 32.

We interact with family online and in life. The siblings accept the plastic smiles.

We drive, we cook, we wash the dog. The neighbors see us come and go.

We have naked ring fingers and ties to stories and local spots that diamonds haven’t cut.

We open doors, we say hellos, we are courteous and kind. The children feel the love.

We ache, we pivot, we waffle, we dance. We take stock of the passing of time.

We sit in silence, sleep in grind, wake to chests opened and pained.

We laugh, we cry, we do our time. Our friends know how to walk the line.


There’s a way to do this right. And there’s a way to do this wrong. And then there is doing the best we can. 

#for Reticent Mental Property. Participation in Word Prompts Sept 29, 2016.







There’s a man at a desk, clears it at five, imagines the after-work nest.

There’s a man at the rail, nods with a sigh, sends over a drink for the lady.

So many are waiting, inhaling the chance to breathe air with another,

to roll over and see someone in the light of the morning,

to reach toward,

to tenderly touch the bone of her chin, the line of her nose,

to know if she is what he calls his

to see if she feels like a tomorrow under his steady gaze.


Settle in darling, he says, his elbow anchors her hip, his arm climbs her frame with wrist securely tucked in soothing fashion to hold her in the fold of his protective wing. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Sept 26, 2016. 

Daily Prompt: Silence

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Still my head in the clanging of the night, the time when darkness amplifies the messes of a life

hard on ourselves, we shush the racket, we roll, we toss, we justify it

A reason for the clamor banging inside our skull; there are a hundred

the list makers tally one two three

the naysayers find, then deny, the pattern

the lost find crumbs in the replay- the words, the moves, the comebacks missed

Jaws clenched, shoulders shrugged, the toss, the turn, the ujjayi

This life

and where it is taking you, in this one night-

relived, revised, reviled-

Breathe through,

settle a silence in palms open,

and cradle forgiveness beyond admonition,

allow your gentled, paused and playful spirit

to hold abundant grace and mercy for your reflections.


She is certainly stilled;  yet crossed leg with foot twitching, gives her silence a war.

#for Reticent Mental Property. Participating in Daily Prompts. Sept. 20, 2016


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