‘They’re adults lying about their age’

Perspective. The hard truth.

Feminist Philosophers

That’s what lots of commenters write on articles about Calais, including people who have commented on my posts here (I haven’t published those remarks). But here’s the thing:

No one said they would be toddlers. Calling them children is an accurate way to describe people who have not yet reached their 18th birthday. But 17 and 18-year-olds who have spent several months in a refugee camp look like adults. Trauma ages them. They might not have been able to shave recently. They might be on the very cusp of adulthood. But for now, they are children and it’s out duty to protect them. They will have spent a huge chunk of their childhood either living in a war zone or escaping it. Should they not now have a chance to rest and recover from that before starting adulthood? It takes a particular kind of callousness to insist they stay in…

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3 thoughts on “‘They’re adults lying about their age’

    • Agree. This blogpost struck me after reading a recent story about a young man who came through the refugee status who was barely13 but his face had changed, hardened by travel and fear and starvation and threats to the point where the social system forced him to take adult status…I just couldn’t imagine a little 13 year old forced to function as a fully matured man and all in another country. Mind-boggling.

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