The pull


The pull of our children is great— not that we need their love, but that we have put them into the position of knowing that love is a choice.

Love, and all that goes with the lives we created so many years ago was a choice… and to our children, it was always a given.

I desperately want to protect them from the ugly truth that Love does not Conquer all. I can love, but it doesn’t make everything perfect. It doesn’t fix things.

So what does make things beautiful, what makes things more perfect, what does fix things???

It isn’t love— it’s how we act in the name of love.

It is how we speak in the name of love.

It is how we listen in the name of love.

It is how we tolerate and accept inadequacies and failings in the name of love.

It is how we trust in the name of love.

Love comes down to actions, as always, actions.

So where does passion fall into this?

Where is joy?

Where is the easy smile that comes with just sitting around in eachother’s shared space and breathing together?

Where is the fit that has space for our children and our dreams and our poetic selves?


Where is the love for your emerging self? 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Posted on Dec 15, 2016.

8 thoughts on “The pull

  1. There are 50 Eskimo words for snow, why can’t there be 50 words for different types of Love. The love for your Children is different than the love that made them (passion, desire, etc.) Children can be created without love or not created by you, but you still end up loving them. That love never changes — the relationship love might. Two different definitions. Hmmm~ Let’s start a campaign. XO

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