Done Drifting


Let me go. Please let me go.

Your love is generous, gracious, full of promises, steady as the future goes. You have my children, hold my history, shaped me in this form.

Yet I am growth. I am learning. I am not who I was.

Tomorrows are for those who want to avoid the yesterdays. We see behind sunsets, know where we were, remember what we made and walked from. We grieve. We wipe our tears. We grieve all over again.

We seek sunrises. We have spent enough time mourning the losses we cannot retrieve, repair, rehash.

We are afraid. We are brave. We vacillate between the once-was and the what-ifs.


Give me peace, past-maker. Give me tomorrows, life-saver.


#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web.

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