Round the Bend


Thrust me into the decision making.

I’ve floundered too long, flexed the muscle of time to the point of strain.

I’m not going to fix this. I can see the history I’ve refused to accept.

Off-kilter that’s me. Berating myself to avoid your jealousy. Wondering about my ability

to give, to love. My capacity for your greed overwhelms.

I have loved. I have given all of it. I have found distraction in the mundane of child making, of baby raising, of playdate faking.

You have loved, provided, chided, guided. The bank knows your name but I have forgotten your body, your face.

Your kiss

has gone missing.

There’s a home-maker, a bread-baker, a little missus the diaper-changer. They grow, they fuss. There’s a party-shaker, a class dessert- maker, a fund-raiser.

He carries on. She does the same. The chaos lived is the name of the game. She graces this home. He takes the reigns. They find themselves making glorious gains.

In investments

Square footage

Claims to fame

But through it all, desire wanes, friendship claims

drift off.

Two cease to see the common ground, the riches found, the worship in the simple sounds




Connect with me, love. Make me cry out for your need. Let me embrace you in your want. And satisfy. 

#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web.


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