Executive Assistant

RMPNIsleepingrocksnudeBy day she works for men.

She is her own boss but it is the men who hire her.

She knows what they need. She is a listener. She keeps their office out of chaos. She hears their fears and lets them project strength. She organizes the background so they can excel in their world. She frees the mind so creativity can claim the day.

It is like parenting. She supports. She encourages. She cleans up behind them. She makes them feel good about themselves.

She gets up in their business. And they thrive. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web.



7 thoughts on “Executive Assistant

  1. It is a very unwise Exec that marginalizes their Assistant. I think they are the ones that run the corporations.

    You find the neatest pictures, I do indeed like this one. That’s not you , is it? Between a rock and a hard place?


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