She’s headed to Nashville on a road trip,  a belated launch of the new year postponed by these things we call living and working and simply keeping up. The bags aren’t packed yet- there’s still 12 hours before leave time!- and let’s be honest, who cares what is in the suitcase when it’s all about the music and having a working pen handy in case of a brush with stardom.

All the worlds problems will be solved on the highway or they will be left behind in the dust, damn them all.

The sidekick traveler on her adventure is amusing, has planned ahead with snacks and great tunes and has his hand on her thigh. They have taken turns riding shotgun before, once to take in a last minute Joan Jett concert four states away and once with a boat and a camper and an Island and a cooler full of beer.

While out and about they find little bars and restaurants and adventures and people find them. At the oldest creperie in Chicago someone leans in to ask how long they have known each other and comment on the connection they feel between the two, feel from across the room!  It has distracted them from their savory crepes and been the topic of envious conversation for the entire breakfast.

A night out is no different. They don’t have to journey to foreign lands or across borders to get the looks and attract the questions. They have stopped counting the number of times someone walks up, touches a shoulder or shakes a hand and tries to pull the secrets they must be keeping because clearly this couple is doing something right, something natural, something beautiful and the aura is all around them, a bubble of energy and tension of the right kind, an energy most want to tap, and trap and contain for personal use.


Has the map and mindset. Will travel, needs boots. 

#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web.

8 thoughts on “Boots?

    • MUSIC everywhere. Incredibly talented stages everywhere we turned. We hardly made it through a three block adventure- wanted to stay and support all the local talent; such heart; and they keep ’em humble in Nashville- the Grand Old Opry was an eye opener. Stars park their cars and walk in for their set. They share bathrooms! It’s simple and honest and made me feel like my country roots are where good things are born and kindness is raised.

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