Get Out


Traveling with a partner used to be a balance. A juggling act. A precarious tippy toe around minefields and mayhem.

How many carry on bags, jackets, spare itineraries and pieces of paperwork are necessary for the walk from the parking garage to seat 17A and 17B on the late morning flight to Vegas?

How many times do you have to go back in and check that the toilet is flushed, add another t-shirt  to the twenty or print out a map of the airport before the plan to leave early becomes the plan to get to the gate before the doors close?

How much grousing has to be done about daytime surface lot parking rates and how many items need to be stuffed into my carry on to prevent that embarrassing situation where suitcase contents have to be pared down and redistributed to avoid paying more for the main luggage?

Worse, how loud does the haggling have to be at the desk when one needs to express issue with the delay in boarding the Gold level travelers before the Silver level?


Get your travel on. Leave that hassle at home. Upgrade made. 

#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web.




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